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Engaging video content for extra sharability.

Whether as editorial video at and with our Premium Publisher, or as pure advertising and/or marketing video for your channels, our renowned and creative video production team will execute the right solutions for you.


all presented products are also available as multi-domain bundles and/or as publisher/reach independent advertising version

  • ideal for: teaser & trailer

  • includes: video production (max. 60 seconds), social posts, social ads

  • characterized by: your influence and/or your perspective

  • up to 70.000 page views*





* market-dependent

For Likes

  • ideal for: product highlights, feature presentations, short how-to's

  • includes: video production (2-4 minutes) & publication, homepage player, medium rectangle player (RoS)

  • characterized by: unbiased video production and/or perspective of the  video editor

  • up to 70.000 video views*


* market-dependent

For Know-How

  • ideal for: product reviews & comparisons, in-depth how-to's 

  • includes: video production (4-8 minutes) & publication, medium rectangle player (RoS), YouTube push

  • characterized by: unbiased video production and/or reader-oriented perspective

  • up to 150.000 video views*


* market-dependent

For Wow

more examples

"We value our cooperation with Supercat. With their creative formats, high-quality content and convincing results, they are the right partner for our campaigns."

Mario Winter / Senior Director Marketing / SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS