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What the new Apple ad did to me

Aktualisiert: 18. Juni 2019

Disclaimer: technically, I am not an Apple customer. Working in an engagement marketing agency, though, I like to keep up with what’s new and what’s old. This is how I happened to stumble upon this video.

Apple’s (this is big) video is 108 seconds long - so, slightly less than 2 minutes - and according to a video expert may have cost no less than 100.000 USD. In my opinion, it is one of the best examples of how video-making for millennials works.

How the stomp style works on viewers

The video style is called stomp - it involves very quick scenery changes and short chunks of texts blending in on screen for fractions of seconds. What does it do to me? On the one hand, it honestly makes me a bit anxious. On the other hand, it totally sucks me in. It is so dynamic and doesn’t give you any time to think. And it has everything: all the shiniest tech specs, talking emojis, the great mystery of outer space, even yoga. Eventually, it captures me on an emotional level and urges me to do something. Mainly to watch further, and then, ideally to buy an iPhone.

The best content: informative and suggestive.

shutterstock.com/ink drop

I find the tech specs shown in the video are extremely well chosen: they went for the easiest digestible ones (like how great the new screen is or what I can learn about my heart rate) and left the boring ones aside. Only techies would understand the last flashy specs - and they know them anyway - while everybody else would be like “What milliampere?”

A talking emoji at the end of the video makes the video subconsciously interactive by seeding in that the conversation should continue after the video is over. A talking head shouts out to Apple, and suggest the customer that he may need to continue the conversation. He urges him to engage. Do you remember Inception?:)

The video background and the text

The synthetic, black background setting reminds me of the picture I have in mind of outer space. And then suddenly it’s Apple’s HQ in Cupertino and finally it’s really outer space. Wow.

The video is also optimized to work perfectly without tone - the text is completely written on screen and not spelled out. This way, it is perfectly accessible to the distracted user that finds it by chance in his Facebook feed while riding the subway on his way to work. In case of headphones on, the video is great with sound too, featuring one of the most compelling background songs I have heard in the last years. The song is also perfectly in line with the stomping scenery changes.

Can a branded video get you new customers?

All that, taken together, makes a video that you will remember. As a marketing pro, I see this video as a collection of best practices for video engagement, and as a consumer I am personally closer to buy an iPhone now than I was before. In my opinion, this is as far as good engaging video content gets.

What do you think? What does the video to you?

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