Pancakes and Champagner with SUPERCAT

Have you ever noticed how quickly a cork flies out of a champagne bottle? That’s about how long consumers can remain focused when scrolling through a website. And the length of time users spend on a page will be further reduced in 2018. The good news is that users are increasingly looking for high-quality and personalized content. This is exactly where SUPERCAT comes in. The right stories combined with the right storytelling is the best way to convey the significance, charm and benefits of new products.

Commitment is key in the digital sphere, since people who deal with content will remember it better later. With our innovative native and contextual advertising formats (native engagement ads or NEADs for short), you’re sure to reach your target groups. But our beloved, crazy content marketing industry is giving us more trends. It’s becoming more important to be distinctive and emotionally charged to make your brand popular. That’s good news for us, since developing loyal brand ambassadors is a core competence of SUPERCAT.

We breathe tech and are your digital storyteller. The recipes for winning over consumers in the digital age are available in the SUPERCAT kitchen. We are a team enthusiastic about technology and credible content with a lot of experience in tech journalism. Through our SUPERCAT network, we connect you with publishers, a large community and potential brand ambassadors.

We are more than satisfied with our previous campaigns and thank you for your excellent cooperation. Now we have our sights set on 2018 with great anticipation for the exciting projects and products to come. We are looking forward to the new year with you!