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With this knowledge, you will not only shine at the next marketing roundtable...

The world's largest Android/tech website with tests, news and recommendations. Founded in April 2009 for German-speaking readers, the portal now provides content and forums in 6 different languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.

APIT (AndroidPIT)

Early (often even before market launch) development of a positive brand image for the consumer. The aim is to end up in the so-called awareness set of the consumer, i.e. in the crowd of known brand and/or product alternatives from which a purchase decision is made.

Awareness Marketing & Set

Geographically independent communities of followers or fans of a brand. In a broader sense, brand communities can also extend to/specialize in individual brand products (e.g. iPhone), entire companies (e.g. The Coca Cola Company) or even certain brand/company representatives (e.g. Mark Zuckerberg).

Brand Community

Marketing that targets the decision phase of a consumer. The aim is to end up in the consumer's so-called Consideration Set, i.e. in the quantity of brand or product alternatives from the Awareness Set that appear acceptable beyond awareness, i.e. are even considered for a purchase decision.

Consideration Marketing & Set

Communities that form because of their common enthusiasm for general buyer topics and above all exchange information about these topics. Such communities can be fans of entire product groups (e.g. wine), certain types of shopping activities (e.g. flea markets) or even diverse trading environments (e.g. zero-waste shops). 

Customer Community

Transaction-oriented communities that are physically bound by time and space, with an emphasis on consumer-related exchanges and direct purchases.

Consumption Community

Fans who like a brand and/or its products so much that they talk about them online free of charge and without a direct order (compared to Paid Influencer). These people are perceived as independent neutral voices and are therefore considered to be particularly authentic and more effective than conventional marketing measures or paid influencers.

Earned Influencer

Marketing with the approach of creating a positive interaction between companies and consumers and thereby increasing the brand value. Active involvement of users and consumers creates a better brand and product perception, leads directly to higher recommendation rates and indirectly to increased sales.

See also: Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing

Electronic Word-of-Mouth; i.e. word-of-mouth in the digital environment. eWOM is mostly found in the form of evaluations (e.g. Yelp), mentions (e.g. @ or #), reviews (e.g. Google MyBusiness), etc. and as user-generated content in social media, forums, and blogs.


Communities that operate within the framework of a company's brand- or product-oriented website, e.g. through specially set up forums and/or comment functions.

Firm Sponsored Community

The legal entity behind Supercat and APIT based in Berlin. Founded in April 2009, the original 2-man company on the subject of Android has by now grown to ~50 employees, working in the areas of Community Building & Engagement Marketing (Supercat) and tech publishing (APIT).

According to Duden: "domestic, not borrowed" or "in its natural state";

In an advertising environment, native advertising means that the advertising experience of ads follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which they are placed.


(also: Native Engagement Ads) Native advertising format of Fonpit AG that generates awareness and consideration through engagement, which in turn is generated by non-intrusive topic-oriented questions and thus leads to a higher CTR (compared to banners).

Social networks that are grouped around a specific area of interest or brands and/or products and are limited to the exchange in online media. Members of such communities usually influence each other very strongly with regard to opinions and attitudes and act very homogeneously and defensively towards the outside.

Online Community

The extent to which a company's webcare performance meets or exceeds the expectations of a complainant.

Post-Webcare Satisfaction

If the Blue Man Group were a video, this video would present the cutting style of a stomp video - fast cuts, tailored to no less fast beats.

(Example: "What the new Apple ad did to me")

Stomp Videos

THE agency for Review Management, Community Building & Engagement Marketing.

Motto: Engagement matters; Trademark: Office Dogs and Winkekatzen 😉


Abbreviation for "too long; didn't read" - the feedback you can send us if you found one of our blog posts too long 😁


Any kind of content which is directly generated by internet users reporting their unbiased opinion as consumers. Internet users who produce UGC are often part of brand communities - and their very core.

UGC - User Generated Content

Dynamic content and two-way communication on the Internet. In comparison to Web 1.0, which - simply speaking - converted everything analogous into digital, Web 2.0 lives to a large extent from user-generated content and the dialogue between the information provider and the information recipient.

Web 2.0

Systematically managing the reputation of a brand on the Internet through feedback and answers to mentions and questions in social media, forums, shops, and review platforms.

See also: Webcare Products