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comprehensive communication strategy for products and brands, our experience and insight will be your foundation for building better campaigns and decreasing wasteful media-buys.


We develop the right creative solutions for your product and audience. Our passions are digital services and tech gadgets and our profession is journalism – and we have a couple decades of experience in these areas. Interesting and trustworthy content means we’re creating unique events, agile videos and driving engagement through opinion – and always in a full-service manner. Succeeding in this endeavor will raise product and brand awareness and lead to sharing it in every platform from social media to WoM and influencer propagation.


We make sure you reach the right people by choosing the media partners who best fit your needs and target your most relevant consumers directly. In a diversified, digital ecosystem with many types of media, single partnerships with traditional publishing-houses fail to deliver efficient campaigns. Our ongoing optimization and honest partnership with media-resources will deliver a superb level of integration and conversion.

Quality never goes out of style

What makes us Supercats


Our Native Engagement Ads perform 168 times better than display ads.

Full Service

We handle every part of the campaign, from finding the right media partners to events and multi media content creation.


Our relations to publishers and influencers allow us to reach the right people within the tech industry.


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